Friday, December 30, 2005

JJ is 9 months already!

We had another adventure at the Sears Portrait studio this afternoon. I can't believe that he will be 9 months on Monday already! Time flies. The photo session went well as usual, although JJ wasn't allowed to sit in the chair because he is not 1 yet. But, he can't even stand yet and he was allowed to balance against the chair. Don't ya think that is a little less safe than sitting in it? None the less, the picture came out great and we can't complain. I guess he can sit in the chair in a few months!

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Crazy hair day!

Check out JJ's new hair do!
Sorry for the blurry image it was a polaroid I scanned. The CDC put a wig on him and took his picture yesterday! It is this rubbery thing that turns inside out to a make a ball. It is really a funny thing! The girls at daycare can't imagine JJ with hair since they think he is so cute without it! Hopefully when he gets older it won't be dyed and spiked in the manner shown above!

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Where will we be next?

So we finally got word that we will be headed for the big state of Texas in May!! John will get his fix of Mexican food and I my sunshine and warm, I mean hot weather! San Antonio here we come!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Getting a child to sleep through the night...

Never did I think that getting my child to sleep through the night would take letting him scream for an hour before he falls alseep. But that is the conclusion we have come to. Thank heaven tonight he only cried for 5 minutes! I think he has finally learned that sleep = good! Yeah for mom and dad to actually get some rest, that is if they get to bed early and quit farting around on the computer! Good night ya'll!

Monday, December 26, 2005

Riding in a one horse open sleigh....well ok just a red sled, but...

We had to take pictures of the kids all dressed in their Christmas best in front of the tree. KK wasn't too thrilled about it, but JJ was all smiles with his green bow!
PS. Don't you just love KK's little go go boots????????

Here is the fun sleigh that JJ got from Kadence (aka KK)! It sure gives me a workout pulling him. Hopefully the weather stays nice so we can continue on our adventures in the snow!

Christmas time

Hello! We had a wonderful Christmas weekend as you can tell by the pictures. Cody was our super lazy dog as usual. JJ took a much needed nap on Christmas afternoon. I couldn't resist taking a picture of him sleeping!

JJ had a blast playing with all the bows and wrapping paper! John tried to get him to open presents, but wasn't interested. JJ got all kinds of goodies yesterday! He opened two different kinds of peekaboo block sets, a snazzy new sweater with matching hat, a couple pairs of overalls(which mommy loves!), a puppy puppet and book, a book of Christmas stories, and I can't remember the others! Oh, how could I forget an awesome red sled to pull him in.

The picture of John and JJ was taking at John's squadron holiday party.

I got a pair of earings to match my necklace, the yesterday, today, tomorrow trio. Very beautiful!!!! I also was surprised by a much wanted Sizzix machine for my scrapbooking obsession. Also, new pjs, a cookbook, cookie cooling racks, a mini muffin tin from my sister and some lotions with a cool picture frame!

At four we went to Janelle and Wood's house to have dinner with them and also her parents and brother were there too! The guys watched football and us ladies watched Mean Girls.

John got his mp3 player which he has been nagging at me forever to get him! Also, an orbit sander, and screw driver set. He also got a couple pair of pjs. Yeah! We can through out the old ratty ones!

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Oh My Goodness, What am I getting myself into?!?!

Hello! This is my first blog! What an experience. Thanks Anne for getting me into this. Today is a typical North Dakotan winter day; cold (high of 7) and windy. We got lots of snow this past week so our Christmas will be white!

So, a few days ago I asked John to write a letter to go in our Christmas card. I didn't ask for a novel, but that's what I got! I guess beggers can't be choosers! Anyway, you will see it in a few days.

Here is a picture of my little santa. TTFN