Saturday, August 30, 2008

My New Sunglasses

We had the kiddie pool out in the driveway a couple of days ago and the kids were taking a break in their chairs, having a snack and wearing their new sunglasses daddy bought them.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Bouncin' Around

We have become the neighborhood gathering place since this new arrival has been in our yard. The kids have a blast and the best part is it will fit in the basement in the winter time.

Big Boy Bed

Since JJ has been refusing to sleep in his toddler bed and chooses the floor instead, we found him a twin mattress set and headboard. And of course we couldn't go without getting him a Cars bedding set to go with it. He stays in it at night, but it doesn't help his sleeping problems. We are going to the doctor tomorrow to figure that part out.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

KC-135 Spouse Incentive Flight

John's squadron hosted a spouse incentive flight this morning. We had a great time! A couple of people got sick, but I felt fine. So many people wanted to sit in the jumpseat behind the pilots for takeoff that we had to pick a number between 1-20 and I picked the winning number, 17! Meredith and I were the first girls to sit in the boom pod because her husband was the pilot on John's plane. It was pretty cool watching the plane getting gas and us receiving gas.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Saturday, August 09, 2008


Oh how I love this game! I had completely forgotten how much fun this game is. If you aren't from Michigan, Indiana, or Ohio, you probably have never heard of this amazing game. YOU are missing out! Last night we went to our friends' house for takeout and card games, well just euchre. Erika thinks John is her long lost twin bother as they have the same humor. Or at least she found John's silliness absolutely hilarious. I had so much fun laughing at her laughing at John! He was actually on the ball last night, but after about beer #7 it got a bit obnoxious. Yes, John gets obnoxious. But since I was the DD and sober I am sure that made a huge difference in my opinion of the evening. But hey, next time I get to be the obnoxious one, right?

Things Are Going...

In the toilet! Haha. Sorry I am tired and that was funny. Some of you have expressed interest in JJ's training. I am not sure why you are so interested in peepee and poopoo going into the potty, but you are so I'll give you a short update :)
He generally has no problem getting to the potty for #1, but #2 is a whole different ball game and not in mommy's favor. I think we went through 10 pairs of underwear the other day.
We did get out in public in underwear the other day and he did very well.
Maddie has been telling me when she wets her diaper lately as well. So maybe I WON'T be changing diapers for as long as I thought I would be. Yay!